Vaping without Nicotine Vaping without Nicotine

One of the more interesting ways that people are trying to vape is completely nicotine free. In fact, a lot of vaping experts are getting asked by those who have just started vaping or who are interested in vaping how safe and effective it is to vape without nicotine.

There actually are e-liquid manufacturers that make completely nicotine-free products. You can get a variety of flavors with no nicotine content at all. This can actually be a great choices for those who are free from a nicotine habit but still want to vape. However, for others it can be dangerous. Let’s look at why that is.

Vaping without nicotine is just fine for anyone who is not addicted to the drug. The same flavor and experience is available to those people, and they can enjoy vaping without the possibility of addiction through nicotine. Honestly, if they have never smoked or vaped before and they want to try vaping without nicotine, then it can be good for them. It may keep them from trying cigarettes instead, which are far more harmful. Vaping without nicotine is the safest possible way to vape, and we highly recommend it for those who can handle it.

For people who have been vaping for a while or who smoke and want to try something safer, vaping without nicotine may not be a good option. That’s like quitting cold turkey, since it contains none of the drug that they crave. Now, they may still get some satisfaction out of the act of vaping and the clouds that are produced and other aspects of the experience, but without that nicotine hit, they may go back to smoking.

Or they may want to increase their nicotine intake all the sadden. It’s kind of like people hood trying to cut back on their smoking throughout the day and then they end up smoking more at night. It’s something you have to be very careful with. You can’t just go from lots of nicotine to no nicotine at all and expect to experience no problems. Your body is going to crave the drug, and you could be hurting yourself by cutting out the nicotine entirely.

It may be safer to slow down on your nicotine use instead. If you cut back a little bit at a time, perhaps decreasing the dosage every couple month, then you can wean yourself off the drug until your body no longer craves nicotine and it is easier to say no to anything with nicotine in it.

This is what we would suggest for heavy smokers or people who have been using nicotine-rich e-cigs for a while. Their body just won’t be able to adjust very well to a complete absence of nicotine. Yes, there are exceptions and there are people who have been able to quit smoking by going cold turkey, but that’s not a tactic that works for everyone. Not everyone has the same self-will and control, and the research shows that cutting back gradually is more successful for those who want to quit their nicotine habit.

If you do want to vape without nicotine, though, then you have plenty of options. You won’t have to look very far to find a company that will accommodate you and sell you nicotine-free e-liquid. In fact, if you live in Australia, it’s actually,illegal to sell e-liquid with any nicotine in it, so that could be your only choices, depending on where you live.

If you have been using nicotine for a while, and you want to try vaping without nicotine, we suggest just working your way down to it. You may want to try vaping once or twice without the nicotine and see how your body handles it, though you may find that you can resist the call of nicotine just fine and then prefer to go nicotine-less from here on out. It’s up to you in the end, but just be careful about cutting back too much when you know you already have an addiction.

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